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Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

3 Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

Talking of debt solution, several individuals feel that bankruptcy will be a life long anchor to carry with them throughout their financial life. This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. People who are looking to address their debt…
Credit Card Tips for New Users

9 Tips For First-Time Credit Card Users

Using the credit card for the first time is exciting because it means you can begin to build your credit. Also, you will start accessing the perks associated with having an established credit history: lower interest rates, easy credit checks…
Car Financing Mistakes

3 Mistakes People Make When Looking For A Car Loan

Car loan process is definitely one of the major transactions that happen in one's life. At the time of negotiation, many individuals say yes to anything the dealer says. Therefore, there are certain common mistakes people commit when getting a…
Bad Credit Score in Canada

The Problem with Credit Score Obsession

Canadians have an obsession with credit scores, especially when it is about their finances. Those three digit score preoccupy several households across the country, particularly younger individuals and families. They binged on consumer debt and driven household borrowing levels to…
Free Credit Report Canada

The Importance of Credit Score in Canada

Why your credit score matters in Canada Your credit score is one of the most important things to be aware of in your financial life. Yet, studies state that more than half of the Canadians are completely unaware of where…
When to cosign for a car loan

3 Common Bad Credit Auto Finance Situations

Bad credit auto finance Canada Auto Experts believes in making bad credit auto finance a reality. Even if you've been denied at other dealerships, we'll work with you to get an auto finance. Whether you have bad credit or no…