Canada Auto Experts’ Black Friday Saving Guide

CAE Black Friday Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to shop. Nope, we’re not talking about Christmas (although buying Christmas gifts with a discount is a great idea). We’re talking about Black Friday: the day where everyone overflows the malls and their credit cards. They also end up buying products that they don’t need. In Canada Auto Experts we believe in a balanced relationship between saving and treating yourself every once in a while. Whether you’re saving up for a car or trying to build/rebuild your credit, you can still shop on Black Friday if you do it the smart way. If you’re interested in purchasing a few items on this day, we present to you Canada Auto Experts’ Black Friday saving guide for you to learn how to spend AND keep an eye on your finances at the same time.


It’s Not Just One Day 

Here’s an insider tip for you. Some stores start their Black Friday promotions at the beginning of the week. You’ll get the same discounts from Monday to Thursday minus the crazy crowds. Most customers ignore these promos because they believe prices will lower on the actual day, but they don’t.

If you’re interested in an item and it’s already discounted you should get it right away. You can always adjust the price if it lowers.


Make a List… And Sleep On It

When you’re on a budget you need to shop smart. This means that you need to go over the items that you want and examine if you really like them or if it’s an impulse purchase.

Start by listing what you want and think how long ago you’ve been interested in these items. See the pros and cons of the articles. Include how many uses you will get from them and if it’s worth it to purchase it at the moment.


I’ll give you an example. We will use the single-serve coffee maker that I’ve been wanting for a while:


Name of item:

Keurig K-Mini


How long ago have I wanted this?

3+ months


How many times will I use it?

2-3 times a day



Coffee in my desk, I will not move at all


Coffee in my desk, I will not move at all


Is this an impulse purchase?



Is this item in my budget?



After responding to these questions, I’ve concluded that it would be a good idea to get this item on Black Friday. I would’ve abstained from getting this right now if it weren’t in my budget. I can always save some money for it and get it during Boxing Day!


Avoid Maxing Out Your Card 

We will never get tired of repeating the same thing. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD.

It’s so easy to spend when you have the chance to pay later. It should be noted that this doesn’t make it right, though. Use your card as a tool that will help you improve your credit and not as something that allows you to buy everything you want.


If you’re going to the mall and don’t want to feel tempted, leave your credit card at home. Just bring your debit card. This way you will only spend what you have. Also, take precautions with your debit account so you still have some savings at the end of your shopping spree.


See Black Friday for what it is: an opportunity to buy things that you want for a lower price. This is not a day for you to go crazy in the stores and pick up whatever is discounted. The best way to build or rebuild your credit and to save your money is to be aware of your spending and avoiding impulse purchases.


Enjoy your smart shopping adventure. Finally, make sure to give us a call at 1-855-550-5565 or fill our easy application so we can give you the best auto promotions that our dealerships can offer.

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