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What is Canada Auto Experts

What is Canada Auto Experts?

Hello there. It’s nice to meet you, we’re Canada Auto Experts. Did we ever say this to you before? We realized we never…
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Get approved online for car loans

7 Ways Canada Auto Experts are Different from Used Car Dealerships

There are over 4.5 million vehicles sold in Canada each year, and not surprisingly over 60% of them are used. With over 24…
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Resale Value of a Car in Canada

How To Maintain The Resale Value Of Your Car?

An article fabricated by The Globe and Mail, a vehicle in Canada will have about three different owners in its lifetime. When it…
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Online shopping phishing scam

Avoid Car Scammers On Kijiji

One day you decide it is time to sell your vehicle, however you don’t know the best site and more importantly how to…
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Lease Takeover in Canada

Get Rid Of Your Used Vehicle

Step 1. Do The Research Discern exactly who is selling vehicles to yours in your region. You need to know exactly what’s out…
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Car Insurance Rate in Canada

Access The History of a Used Car

Used cars are usually an appealing option for many consumers who are unsure about committing to a new vehicle, or probably concerned about…
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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Canada

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

What are Certified Pre-owned Cars? It is always a hard decision - new car or used car? Many don’t know that a third…
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Lease Takeover in Canada

Understanding Lease Takeovers

What is a lease takeover? A car lease takeover includes a lease transfer; from the lease “seller” to you, the “lease” buyer. The…
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Canada Drives SUVs

3 Reasons Why Canadians Like SUVs

Canadians are purchasing Sports Utility Vehicles faster than they are being developed. These types of vehicles, including hatchbacks and crossovers, are quite popular…
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Best Small Used Cars in Canada

Best 5 Used Small Cars In Canada Under $15,000

When you’re purchasing a used car, there are several factors to take into account. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice…
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