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Used cars are usually an appealing option for many consumers who are unsure about committing to a new vehicle, or probably concerned about the depreciation that a new purchase experiences the minute it is driven off a dealer’s lot.

However, as with any purchase of something that isn’t coming straight from a manufacturer, it is essential to be as informed as possible before investing your hard earned money.
In Canada, there are multiple suppliers available to Canadian consumers when it comes to acquiring vehicle history reports. There is also the idea of checking into a vehicle’s history on your own in certain provinces, such as the Ontario government’s online database that can be accessed by entering in a Vehicle Identification Number.

While these reports are frequently given by dealers as a common practice, it is essential for buyers to be independently aware. Understanding a vehicle’s background – such as whether it has been in a collision before, or if the odometer reads in an accurate fashion – is critical to making an informed decision when looking to purchase.

Here are a few simple tips to remember when doing your due diligence.

Tips for Diagnosing the History of a Used Car

  • Read Carefully – If you are provided with a report, look at the details like the date that it was run, and more importantly, to the limitations to the report, as represented by both the dealership and the disclaimer’s contained within.
  • Real World Testing – Any information in a report is always made stronger physical and mechanical inspections, which serve to add further detail to what’s mentioned on the page.
  • Double Up – Reports do have their limitations, meaning that sometimes information contained by one could be missing in another. Because you can never be guaranteed that every report is complete, cross-checking and confirming between different providers always adds an extra layer of security.

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