Five Horror Stories when Purchasing a Vehicle: DEBUNKED!

Vampires, zombies, and werewolves may be scary, but there’s nothing more terrifying than making a big purchase. Legends say that buying a car is complicated, especially when your credit is not the best. For this Halloween special, we went on a mission to debunk five horror stories when purchasing a vehicle, so you don’t have to face these monsters by yourself.

1. Little Shop of Credit

The story: It’s a gloomy night and you’re car shopping. The wind is blowing, you hear thunder, dogs are barking, something is going on. You go to your first car dealership and you get denied. You visit another one, denied again. It happens for a third time, then a fourth time. Defeated, you go back home and prepare for bed. You have nightmares all night. A dark figure is looming in your bedroom. It talks to you in a raspy voice…it’s your credit score telling you it’s been damaged beyond repair.

DEBUNKED: Since a hard credit inquiry can lower your credit score between 5 and 10 points, It’s possible to lower your credit score significantly by visiting multiple dealerships on the same day. Canada Auto Experts cares about your credit. We will help you choose the right financial institution to avoid hitting your score too much.


2. Paranormally High-Interest Rates

The Story: Your life hasn’t been the same since you accepted that 30% interest rate for your car. You leave things in one place and they appear in another, doors are slamming shut by themselves, your dog keeps barking at your wallet. You start believing that you’re being haunted by a paranormal presence, so you set up cameras in your home. This is when you realize that your partner is watching you sleep plotting revenge against you because you agreed on such a high-interest rate. Your life and your pocket have been ruined by this entity.

DEBUNKED: Going to the wrong bank will mean that you are going to get the wrong loan. Each dealership will have access to limited banks for approvals, that’s why we work with the major dealerships across Canada to help you obtain the lowest rates.


3. The (constant) Ring (of pushy salespeople)

The Story: You’re home. Your toddler is laughing in the living room while staring at the TV screen, but all you see is static. He looks at you and tells you that his friends will give you a call right now. Your heart drops to your stomach, you know which “friends” he’s talking about. You run to disconnect the landline and you turn your mobile off. Strangely, your landline still rings. “It’s them”, your son says. You run to the phone and pick it up with a trembling hand. You take a deep breath and listen… even after you told them not to call you anymore they’re still calling you to offer terrible rates for a car that you don’t even want.

DEBUNKED: Canada Auto Experts cares about your privacy and comfort. We will only contact you if you apply through our form, and you can choose if you prefer to text or call. We are car experts that are here to provide advice and help you find the car of your dreams.


4. Get Out (The Rejection)

The Story: Today’s the day that you’re finally getting a car. You assume that your credit is in order but don’t know exactly how to check it beforehand. It should be easy anyways…

You arrive at the dealership and ask for the salesperson that was helping you last time but she’s not in today. Then you take your time explaining to another associate exactly what you want and he seems a bit confused. You finally get what you wanted…kind of… and you’re directed to another salesperson that will check your credit. This is the moment that you have been waiting for. Your information is being checked in the system and your application has been rejected. You look at the salesperson and the salesperson looks at you, their eyes turn red and their voice changes. “You’ll NEVER get a car”, he says as he laughs diabolically. You run out of the dealership frightened to death.

DEBUNKED: When you complete your pre-approval loan application, you answer simple questions that help us understand what you want and what steps need to be taken to reach your goals. We won’t give you a “no”; instead, we will let you know up front what can be done to turn a rejection into an approval. Since we specialize in helping Canadians with low or no credit, we will assure you that your financial situation is healthy before we connect you with one of our financial managers at the closest dealership.


5. 28 Days Later…. and you’re still wasting your time

The Story: You haven’t had dinner in a while because you rush to get to the dealerships after work before they close. The process seems complicated and you don’t have the time for it. This is taking a toll on your health, as you’re getting hungrier and hungrier. No matter how fast you go you always find them closed. You feel like all you do is waste your time and it’s making you go insane. And you find yourself running in the street, starving and screaming. Then you’ve transformed into a zombie but you’re not the only one. This virus is spreading quickly… more and more people want a car but it’s hard for them to find the time to do it.

 DEBUNKED: No matter what province you’re in, Canada Auto Experts makes applying for a car loan extremely convenient. All you need is to call us or visit our website and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. We will connect you with a dealership that’s close to you, and if they are all far away you may get your new vehicle delivered right to your door. With us, you only work with one agent who will learn all about what you need and will connect you directly with the right financial manager. Time = Saved!

Now that you know that buying a car is not the scariest experience, it’s time to face your other fears. Happy Halloween!

Canada Auto Experts is here to make your car purchase less terrifying.

Let us help you find the vehicle of your dreams without breaking the bank. Apply now or call 1-855-550-5565 and one of our customer representatives will contact you.


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