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Financing vs Leasing in Canada

Things to Remember When You Lease a Car

If you intend to lease a car instead of purchase, chances are you want to drive a newer car for less. However you…
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Resale Value of a Car in Canada

How To Maintain The Resale Value Of Your Car?

An article fabricated by The Globe and Mail, a vehicle in Canada will have about three different owners in its lifetime. When it…
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Financing vs Leasing in Canada

What is 0% interest on a car loan? Is there a catch?

If you're looking to buy a car, you've perhaps come across several low interest special offers and incentives from various automakers. Many brands…
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Trade In Value of My Car in Canada

The Lease to Own Vehicle Program

Lease To Own Vehicle Agreements While regular Car Lease Agreements may consist an option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the…
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Additional Features on Vehicles

Worthwhile Additional Features for Used Cars

Worthwhile Additional Features for Used Cars Amidst buying a new vehicle, there will be several thoughts racing through your head as well as…
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Getting a Car Loan after a Consumer Proposal

Go to a Dealership or Go Private?

Dealership Sales The fact about the pro-dealership category is that the consumer does not think about being given a damaged vehicle. Since there…
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Afford car loan

Go Green With Your Car

Canada Auto Experts is adept at approving bad credit auto loans to Canadian drivers in need of purchasing a new car. So much…
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Choose a car that fits your lifestyle

Choose A Car That Fits Your Lifestyle

Indicating the common duties and responsibilities you will entitle your vehicle with to perform on regularly, will help you choose. While, there are…
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Lease Takeover in Canada

Understanding Lease Takeovers

What is a lease takeover? A car lease takeover includes a lease transfer; from the lease “seller” to you, the “lease” buyer. The…
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Pay off debt fast

Recover Your Credit From A Late Payment

The effect of a late payment on your credit score is based on several factors. Creditors assess late payments depending on three things:…
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