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Couple signing up for an indirect loan

Direct and Indirect Loans in Canada

Borrowing funds for a car can rapidly become a convoluted financing web if you’re not aware where to begin. Obtaining an auto loan…
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Lease Takeover in Canada

Get Yourself Out of Car Loan

There are several reasons why someone might want to get out of their car loan earlier than expected. Whether your loan payments are…
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Low Rate Car Loan on Disability

Get Approved For Low Rate Car Loans On Disability

How can I get approved for a low rate car loan on disability? People who qualify for financial aid receive a monthly income…
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Denied for a car loan

Denied for a car loan? Don’t worry!

If you are denied a car loan, refrain from re-applying with different lenders and look into your current situation. Lenders take a lot…
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Quickest Loan Approval

What To Consider When Shopping For Lower Interest Rates

Are you looking for a car loan with the lowest interest rate possible? Several Canadians don’t know that multiple factors are considered when…
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Loan Approval in Canada

Ways to Increase Your Chance Of Loan Approval in Canada

The consequences of ignoring your debt might translate into having to deal with collection agencies, late payments, defaulting on loans or filing for…
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Is debt a bad thing?

Is All Debt Formed Equal?

Is debt a bad thing? Debt is seen bad by most people. It can limit the financial decisions, drain your savings and negatively…
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When to cosign for a car loan

When and When Not to Cosign For A Car Loan

What is a Cosigner? A cosigner is someone who agrees to pay a borrower’s debt if the primary applicant defaults on a loan.…
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Prime Borrower vs Subprime Borrower in Canada

What Makes You A Sub-Prime or Prime Buyer?

When you are in the process of buying a vehicle, several factors will influence the rates you’ll be approved for. Credit score, credit…
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No debt is bad credit in Canada

No Debt Does Not Mean Good Credit

Is my credit good when I don't have any debt? Some individuals think that having no credit is good. Having debt that exceeds…
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