Go Green With Your Car

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Canada Auto Experts is adept at approving bad credit auto loans to Canadian drivers in need of purchasing a new car. So much so that our team at Canada Auto Experts will help by directly connecting you with someone who will make you accomplish your car loan needs based on your unique credit scenario.

So, now that you know you do have options in terms of securing a car loan through our company, we also want to discuss another topic that is also highly relevant to you as a driver. With environmentally-friendly issues becoming a topic that continues to be front and centre these days, you may also want to know of some ways that you can operate your new car, while helping the environment at the same time.

Use a Green Car

Probably one of the most apparent ways to drive with a more environmentally-friendly approach is to buy a ‘green car’. There are several hybrid & electric models on the market, with more and more of them due to be released in the near future. Additionally, smaller models like the Toyota Prius, there are also a wider range of models that are available to drivers who want to opt for a greener vehicle. Some of these hybrid vehicles that are being released this year include, the Kia Soul, the Chevrolet Volt, and even a Porsche Cayenne model, and the list continues. These models can permit you to also save money on gas – however if a hybrid or electric model is not right for you, selecting a car with a better fuel per mileage ratio can also be a good way to economize and keep your gas emissions down.

Accommodate your Driving Behaviour

Another major way that can enable you to help the environment also associates with improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. This method, however does not certainly relate to a more fuel-efficient vehicle model. It does, however relate to how you choose to use your vehicle. For example, in order to reduce the amount of gas your vehicle emits, you can monitor the amount of times you have to slam on the brakes or stop suddenly. Changing various driving habits such as speeding and tailgating can help mitigate these occurrences quite a lot.

Alternatively, whenever you are needed to brake, you can try to remember to tap the gas lightly, instead of keeping your foot down on the accelerator for too long or too abruptly as well.

Secondly, you can choose to leave the car windows ‘rolled’ up as much as possible, as a method of reducing the driving drag your car can encounter. With that being said, since air conditioning can also influence the environment and your vehicle, to minimize the effect of this situation you can attempt to park your car in a shaded area whenever possible and it should as a result take less time to cool down, also putting less strain on this vehicle component.

Third under this heading is choosing to carpool with co-workers or friends when going to work or social events, and in turn saving on gas and also freeing up some space on our roads. If however, you are out driving by yourself and you wish to save gas and reduce the amount of gas emissions you release, you can for instance plan to do all of your errands in one trip by using a more efficacious route. Ultimately, these driving techniques can enable you to maximize your fuel-efficiency and encourage more environmentally-friendly driving.

Maintain Your Car Better

Lastly, you can also accentuate your green driving endeavour by keeping on top of your vehicle’s condition and performance. Starting with getting regular tune-ups and maintenance, including having clear air filters can help ensure that when you are operating your vehicle it emits less gas and in turn less air pollution.

You can also recycle and/or dispose of your motor oil, tires, batteries, fluids and other car components in a more environmentally-friendly manner. Licensed recycling facilities in your area can help dispose of these parts so that they can minimize the amount of toxins that are released into the air, ground, and water. All in all you can consider where the best place to take these parts after you are done with them may be and when all is said and done, you can help keep your car and its parts from harming the environment wherever possible.

As it is evident that there are numerous way that you can ‘go green’ with your car. You can also check out some additional methods that you can help the environment, while also getting the most out of your vehicle. Remember, every little bit helps – and the more you exercise these strategies the better your car will operate and the better you will feel about doing all you can for our planet.

Again, Canada Auto Experts is here to assist. By taking a look at our website you can get started in with the loan process in a few minutes and can know all about the financing of a dream vehicle. Our loan process is quick and easy and designed to get you driving as soon as possible and also establish good credit regardless of your credit situation at the moment– and once you do you can start planning how you can be more ‘green’ as you go.

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