Used Car Features You Should Rethink About

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Are you planning to buy a car? Used Car Features You Should Rethink About,

As you vision all the essential items on your vehicle buying checklist, one crucial detail you will want to consider, is whether or not you will purchase some additional vehicle features in your new car.

Just as there are some functional vehicle add-ons that you will want to recognize when you are buying a car – there are also some extras that you may want to rethink about. Taking this even a step ahead you may want to opt out of them as you realize that not only are they unnecessary, they may also not be worth the added cost.

Here are 5 optional vehicles extras that you will want to reconsider and even prevent at all costs.

  1. 1. Rustproofing

    If you have ever conversed with someone who has recently purchased a new vehicle, it is also likely that you have heard them say that the dealer tried to convince them to include vehicle rustproofing into their final package. Interestingly enough, however, there are many critics who will tell you to avoid paying for rustproofing at all costs. Not only is it often way overpriced, the quality of this service can also be unsatisfactory. Instead, car experts suggest that if you have your car washed and waxed on a regular basis, combined with the manufacturing rustproofing that already exists, your car will stay in good condition for almost the same amount of time (7+years), that the dealer warranty for this service will last.

  2. 2. Paint and Fabric Protection

    Another extra that many car experts will suggest you opt out of, is the added paint and fabric protection. Again, your paint job already should last for several years without the extra paint protection as well this is likely to cost you several more hundred dollars. In terms of the fabric protection offered through the dealer – it likely very similar to the kind you can find in a supermarket of your choosing. Where the dealer may value this extra at approximately $200, you can buy a product for around $20 and do just as good of a job on your own.

  3. 3. Window Etching

    If you are not already aware of what the window etching service entails, it is described as an acid treatment that will burn a car’s specific Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto each window of that car. Designed to deter car thieves, the VIN comes with a warranty that offers additional insurance coverage, in the instance the car has been stolen. While this does seem like an important feature to include in the purchase of your vehicle, car insiders go on to explain that while it actually costs about $30 – 50 in total, the dealer may charge as much as $250 for this extra. Furthermore, the Insurance Bureau of Canada actually states that window etching is not all that effective in deterring car theft rings that intend to ship your vehicle overseas. As a result, you may want to avoid the extra cost of this service, or view a DIY version for a lot less.

  4. 4. Extended Warranty

    While at first glance, purchasing an extended vehicle warranty may come off like a good idea, many car insiders also recommend opting out of this extra, as it can have many more restrictions than benefits. In order to take advantage of the warranty for instance, you may only be able to have your car serviced at that dealer – and nowhere else, ever. To add to this restriction, in some cases, in the event you miss a service appointment, this could void the extra warranty you have paid for, altogether.

    On top of it, certain extended warranties will only cover certain vehicle components – and if another piece of equipment is in need of repairs – this will also not be honoured under this warranty package. There are likely many other key restrictions that you will want to take into account and that may not appeal to you at the time of purchase.

    At high costs that can range as high as $2,000 extra, several salespersons try to push this additional package as they can earn a commission based on this part of the sale. Therefore, you may want to rethink adding an extended warranty as it is sure to cost you a lot, as well as being inflexible at times.

  5. 5. Alarms

    One final optional extra that you will want to be highly cautious towards, are car alarms. Again a safety feature that is designed to avoid incidents of car theft, many times the added cost does not outweigh the effectiveness of this product. In fact, you may even find that when car alarms go off, people are desensitized to them, and even more likely to view this as ‘noise pollution’ as opposed to an actual indication of theft. Again, many car insiders will suggest instead that if you want an alarm installed to look for an aftermarket option, comparing prices across a range of dealers. In a nutshell, alarms are a top contender for vehicle extras to prevent at the time of purchase, particularly on account of the fact that they are valued far too high.

When you also think about it, the extras are also likely to have added costs of labour to install them. As a result you are likely to pay upwards costs towards these additional features, many of them being ones you will fair just fine without – or are ones you can opt for after the purchase, economizing in the process.

At Canada Auto Experts we are in the position to help you find an affordable vehicle as well as a feasible car loan to establish good credit. This will help you save some major money in the process. At the time of purchase, when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of the vehicle features you need – and which ones you don’t you can make more informed decisions about which extras you should avoid at any cost.

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