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Financing vs Leasing in Canada

What is 0% interest on a car loan? Is there a catch?

If you're looking to buy a car, you've perhaps come across several low interest special offers and incentives from various automakers. Many brands offer 0 percent interest, which suggests that you can finance a car and pay no interest over…
Credit Card

What is 0% interest rate on a credit card?

As you work on your credit, you’ll start noticing more and more offers coming your way. Financial institutions wish to do business with individuals who have strong credit scores. You might start getting offers in the mail, or the occasional…
Trade In Value of My Car in Canada

The Lease to Own Vehicle Program

Lease To Own Vehicle Agreements While regular Car Lease Agreements may consist an option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term, Lease-To-Own Agreements require that you purchase the car, giving you the benefits of owning and leasing…
Online shopping phishing scam

Avoid Car Scammers On Kijiji

One day you decide it is time to sell your vehicle, however you don’t know the best site and more importantly how to do this. You do some research, you learn what thousands of individuals like yourself are discovering, Kijiji…
Christmas Shopping in Canada

Changing Your Car Before Christmas

Do you to Changing Your Car Before Christmas? The Christmas season is booming, businesses are competing for your hard-earned cash in every way possible. The festive marketing is everywhere trying to get you to do more Christmas spending than you…
Free Credit Report Online

Check My Credit Report to buy Used Car?

Ever thought of the right time to Check My Credit Report to buy Used Car? Here are 3 signs it’s time to check your credit report: 1. It’s been some time The free annual credit report available to you by…