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Car reposession

Options for When You are Behind on a Car Payment

For most of us, a reliable vehicle is absolutely necessary. Unless one has access to public transportation to work, we truly require something more convenient and parked in our garage. So, if your car is taken away from you because…
Is debt a bad thing?

How You Can Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt with Our Program

Step 1. Acknowledge Your Credit Card Debt We are all guilty of racking up our Credit Card balance by paying for life's necessities and consumer goods. Research has shown that the average amount of credit card debt in Canada is…
When to cosign for a car loan

Should I Cosign for a Car Loan?

Co-borrower A cosigner is also known as a co-borrower because they are jointly responsible for the borrowed loans — whether they are mortgage loans, student loans, or auto loans. If the potential borrower needs to find a cosigner in order…
Payday loans

Payday Loans: Pros and Cons

Relying on Payday Loans with Bad Credit Score It seems like when Canadians are struggling financially, they lean towards Payday Loans for sane day cash advances and cash loans. Data from SEMrush showed that Canadians have Googled "Payday Loans" far…
Car Loan

Back to School Car Loans for Students

Plan for the Future - Car Loan and Credit Scores It's the middle of August and we all know what that means — summer holiday is almost over, and it's time to start planning for school. Whether you're a student…
Mortgage Application

No Credit Score? No Mortgage For You!

Mortgage Rejection Are you making over $75,000 a year with no debts, but are having a hard time getting approved for a mortgage? Well, you are not alone. Meet 23 year old Robin Bourbeau. He has an annual salary of…