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Free Credit Report Canada

Repair Your Credit Easily

Several Canadians have less than perfect credit. This write-up does not provide you a magical solution to all your debt and credit woes.…
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Pay off debt fast

Recover Your Credit From A Late Payment

The effect of a late payment on your credit score is based on several factors. Creditors assess late payments depending on three things:…
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Negotiating with Car Dealer

Save Money on Car Insurance

Having car insurance in Canada is an absolutely necessary if you own a vehicle. Based on the cost of accidents, theft and other…
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Credit Cards for Revolving Credit

3 Reasons To Use Your Credit Card

A research report by Canada.CreditCards.com states that average Canadian owns approximately 2 credit cards. Although this number seems high, there are indeed many…
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Visa Cards

Don’t Get Rid Of Your Credit Cards

When you see yourself stuck in a mountain of debt, you might question how much you need your credit cards. Thinking about negating…
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Is debt a bad thing?

Is All Debt Formed Equal?

Is debt a bad thing? Debt is seen bad by most people. It can limit the financial decisions, drain your savings and negatively…
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No debt is bad credit in Canada

No Debt Does Not Mean Good Credit

Is my credit good when I don't have any debt? Some individuals think that having no credit is good. Having debt that exceeds…
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Bankruptcy in Canada

3 Things To Know About Bankruptcy

Statistics Canada demonstrates that 1 in 6 Canadians will file for personal bankruptcy at least once. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that presents…
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Pay off debt fast

3 Easy Ways To Pay Off Debts

Several Canadians fail to pay their monthly credit card statement in full as paying off debt isn’t effortless, and the fact that it…
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Getting a Car Loan after a Consumer Proposal

Getting A Car Loan After A Consumer Proposal

Opting for a consumer proposal is a debt-relief option for those that have debt exceeding $250,000. Unlike bankruptcy, when an individual cannot make…
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