Red Flags to Look Out For When Buying a Used Vehicle

Used Car Private Reseller

Buying a used vehicle at a bargain price is a smart financial decision. Keep in mind however that used cars have histories and while most used cars are fine, there are a number of issues used vehicle can have which makes it not such a smart financial choice.

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Here are some red flags to look out for when buying a used vehicle from a private seller:

  1. Excessive Rust – Excessive rust is one of the few things in a car that can’t be easily fixed or replaced. It is expensive and time consuming. Rust is vehicle cancer and massively reduces the market value so factor rust when bargaining.
  2. Vehicle History – Because a car’s title can be forged, verify it with the appropriate authorities before you finalize a purchase. This is even more important when the vehicle has recently been or is from another province or another country.
  3. Warning Lights – If a used car you are looking to buy has engine lights and others on the dashboard showing that is a red flag to consider. Sure the lights could be on for a minor reason but they could also be on because of a bigger problem
  4. An Anti-Inspection Seller – While spending around $110 or so on inspecting a prospective purchase by a mechanic might sound too pricey on face value, the benefits are enormous. Any honest used car seller will agree to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. If the seller refuses to let you have the car inspected or insists you use their mechanic, then that is a red flag.
  5. A Very Low Price – A low price is a huge red flag. Fair enough once in a blue moon someone finds a used car with no issues at an absurdly low price, the odds however aren’t very high. Most often than not a super low price on a USED CAR indicates that the seller wants to unload it quickly hoping that the price blinds the buyer to the other issues the vehicle may have.

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