Is An All-Wheel Drive Good For You?

Benefits of an all-wheel drive in Canada

What are the pros and cons of an all-wheel drive in Canada?

Have you been thinking about getting an all-wheel drive in Canada? Several individuals assume that this type of car, which simultaneously injects power to each wheel, means more safety on the road but that’s not always the case. Unless you live in a region with unpaved roads or extreme weather conditions, spending money on all-wheel drive could be an unnecessary expense. However, if you frequently drive on off-road terrain where conditions are uneven, it might be worth investing in.

You should consider these two factors before you decide to invest in a vehicle with all-wheel drive:


Some individuals who take the occasional off-roading trip think that all-wheel drive is necessary – these people usually spend a lot of time driving on paved roads with traffic and pedestrians. All-wheel drive is great for providing traction and serious grip in less-than-perfect road conditions, where forward acceleration is needed for things like towing or climbing hills. However, if you’re driving in the city, it’s more difficult to make sudden stops on the road, which means there is a higher risk of collision compared to the lighter 2-wheel drive vehicles.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of your time driving on back roads, you should opt for a vehicle with all-wheel-drive and lots of ground clearance. If not, picking a vehicle that’s lighter and more suitable to your lifestyle will be a safe and more realistic option.


There are extra costs that come with getting into an all-wheel drive vehicle, and pricing can range anywhere from $2,000 – $4,000. Making sure that the vehicle is in peak operational condition is important for its purpose, and usually requires added maintenance costs. All-wheel-drive is meant to operate in harsh environments, and this means that the clutch oil needs to be replaced often. Compared to two-wheel drive cars, the weight of an all-wheel means that you’ll likely be paying more to fill up the gas tank. Although these charges can add up, the resale value is usually worth more because of them. If you’re someone who can afford these features, then investing in all-wheel-drive is definitely worth it.

How your car functions should depend on where you live, the road conditions that you regularly drive on, and weather that you’ll usually get trapped in. Despite whether or not you believe that investing in an all-wheel-drive vehicle is right for you, it’s essential to make sure that your tires are great quality and taken care of to ensure safety on the road!

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