How Canada Auto Experts Helped Me Rebuild My Credit From Bankruptcy

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Hello, I’m Rodney,

4 years ago, I believe I had hit ground zero. Getting laid off from my job in the oil fields out in Fort Mcmurray was compounded by going through a nasty divorce which left me without a home, my truck got repossessed, a bankruptcy and to add to this all I was unemployed.

Predictably, I lost the drive to even attempt gaining back all I had lost because it seemed pointless. I had eventually moved out from Fort Mcmurray back to Calgary and was living with an old friend while working a warehouse job at Loblaws.

Everything changed last July as I was browsing through Facebook and opted, against my usual instinct, to fill out a form for credit repair.

At the time I had entered my information into the online form I wasn’t expectant. Surely, no credit repair company could just swoop in and make everything right for me because I was really in a bad situation.

The next morning, an agent phoned me explaining they were calling from Canada Auto Experts and is looking to understand my credit situation more and see the solutions available to me.

At the time when I explained I was again not expecting much my surprise was after the lengthy narration of my tale, I was told that I can still be approved for a vehicle loan at a low interest rate (3.9%!) and the vehicle would help me improve my credit. To further exceed my expectations, I was also approved of a cash back amount of $7,000 which helped me massively in clearing outstanding high-interest pay day loan and credit card interest I had been accumulating!

Now, almost 2 years after that phone call in summer of 2017 and my credit score rests impressively on the 720 mark as of two months ago! Excited!


To speak to a credit repair expert at Canada Auto Experts, visit the website or call 1-855-550-5565 to speak to a live agent today!

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