3 Things to Keep in Mind When Trading in Your Vehicle

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Shopping for a new vehicle is both exciting and daunting! Options seem endless and confusing, plus negotiations could be tedious!

One key factor is what to do with your current vehicle. Do you keep it? Do you trade it in? Do you sell it privately?

Credit repair experts are available at Canada Auto Experts to advise you how you can get the best value for your vehicle trade-in and use it towards a financing which improves your credit.

Once a decision is made to trade your used vehicle, here are the best practices to get you the most attractive deal on your trade-in car:

  1. Research the Value
    Arm yourself with current pricing on the particular makes and model of your used vehicle. Consider also any additional upgrades that may have been done on the vehicle after purchase.It is important to accurately take stock of the car’s options and be honest about the condition.
  2. Stage your Car
    Most car experts argue taking your car freshly cleaned to the dealership is not ideal. Regardless of how clean it is at the moment; they can determine the shape regardless.But if you’d like to err on the side of caution, apply the theory from the school of thought that a thorough cleaning reflects how the car owner had treated the vehicle during their time together and surely give you an extra edge. Have the car washed, waxed, vacuumed; the engine cleaned, the hood cleaned for grease and the likes.
  3. Timing
    Convertibles don’t sell well during the Canadian winter but SUV’s and trucks do. Look out for dealers who may be offering special promotions with trade-ins, or visit at the end of the month when sales quotas need to be met.

To receive the best trade-in value for your used vehicle, contact the credit repair experts via phone at 1-855-550-5565 or visit www.canadauto.ca.

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