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Get approved with $0 Down Payment today. Qualify for an RV of your choice without any commitments or credit checks.

The Smart Way to
Buy an RV

With a simple 3 minute application from the comfort of your own home, our Auto Experts will help you locate the perfect recreational vehicle and get you approved on the spot. We will also have the option to do the application through text and/or phone call.

1. Identify Your Budget

The first step in making the right decision for a recreational vehicle is knowing your RV budget. Identify your budget by completing the 3 minute application HERE.

2. RV Loan Approval

Once our experts receive your application, they will do their magic to provide you with the best approval options possible. This will help us to determine your RV options.

3. Choose Your RV

Our Auto Experts will present you with the options of recreational vehicles within your budget. You simply choose your vehicle without any wasted time or fear of rejection.

The New and Smart Way to Buy an RV

Going from Stores to Dealership on the hunt for a recreational vehicle is no longer necessary, and is a waste of time. Our Auto Experts will do the work for you. We understand your needs and have the expertise to get you the best bang for your buck.

Old Way of RV Shopping 

Waste of Time

Spend hours going from stores to dealer negotiating a price for a vehicle your not yet approved for.


Going to multiple stores/dealerships and negotiating with sales rep, finding the perfect vehicle are all very stressful processes.

Potentially Disappointing

Spend endless hours looking for the perfect vehicle, take the time to go and meet with a dealership agent only to find out that you don’t qualify for the loan on this vehicle.

Canada Auto Experts

New and Smart

Spend less then 3 minutes completing our application for our Auto Experts to contact you with instant approval.


Our Team of Auto Experts will take care of everything from approval to helping your find the perfect recreational vehicle.

All Credit Types Approved

Regardless of your credit situation our Auto Experts will find a way to get you the financing you need. So you can be at ease knowing that your application will result in approval.

Get Approved for Your RV Loan

With our Auto Experts on your side, we work to get you the best rates. Take less than 3 minutes to complete our online application. We only ask for information we need.