What Makes a Great Auto Mechanic?

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Opting for an auto mechanic in Canada for your vehicle may not be as simple as it seems. Several corporations have preceded small repair shops, and baby boomers in the industry are passing the wrench on to younger mechanics who are better equipped with 21st-century technology. Not to mention, today’s auto mechanics are competing against one another, while being up against constant innovation.

It’s hard to comprehend the ability of an auto mechanic in Canada on their skill set, trustworthiness and acumen when you’re not aware of the tactics of repairing a car. To ensure that you’re getting the right maintenance with the appropriate expense, bear in mind these tips:


The auto mechanic and the shop should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. A licensed mechanic is someone who is versed with the books and practical experience. This verifies that they know how to deal with unforeseen problems through apt training. If your mechanic is certified by a manufacturer, this means that they’ve been trained to work on an exclusive make or model of car. Whether the mechanic is certified by an institute or manufacturer, it’s better that they have some sort of educational coaching pre-fixing your car.

Is the shop clean?

A renowned shop is one that is maintained and takes pride in appearance. A clean working environment for mechanics means that tools and parts are in great condition before they are put to use on your repairs. Auto shops that operate smartly won’t let heaps of junk into their working space. If there is a constant stream of healthy cars coming in and out of the lot, this is a sign that they have a reputable team and lots of customers that trust them.

Perform your research!

There are numerous online resources that you can utilize to view what mechanic shop would be suitable for you. If you’ve heard that a mechanic or shop does a nice job, the possibility is that the name will be present in online recommendations from others. High turnover in mechanics at a shop is a bad sign, so it’s vital to research online through car forums.

If a mechanic is certified, is well reputed and strives to stay informed with new advancements in the auto industry, you’ll definitely have a great job done on your vehicle.

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