Stop Engine Problems Before They Happen

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When your car is mechanically damaged, it can be hard to detect where the problem is coming from. Each part of your car’s system reacts differently to complications, and warning signs for a loose engine can be easily missed if you don’t know the characteristics of a healthy one. Regular vehicle tune-ups will help your engine run smoothly. However, nobody can foresee a sudden breakdown.

If your vehicle is experiencing the following engine malfunctions, it could mean that it’s time for a replacement:

  • Immense Noise

    If you hear a low-pitched, knocking sound when you start your car, it usually means that there’s a jam in your engine’s combustion flow. It could also mean that it’s time for an oil change or you may have to replace your spark plugs. Regardless of the issue, if you hear a strange noise coming from your car, take preventative measures and bring it into your mechanic for a full diagnosis.

  • Engine Light

    The engine light in your vehicle was designed to alert you of any engine trouble. A sparked engine light can translate into anything from a loose gas cap to low oil pressure. If you notice that your engine light is on and isn’t turning off, it might be time to get your car checked well.

    If the engine light starts flashing while you’re driving, this could indicate something more serious, and it’s your car’s way of saying “stop driving and pull over”. Being able to decode your dashboard will ensure that you’re familiar with each piece of your vehicle’s system, and taking precaution to reduce the risk of engine failure will keep you safe as well.

  • Stalling

    Frequent stalling on a car with automatic transmission is rare and could imply that there is a problem with your vehicle’s engine. If your engine doesn’t respond immediately when you press the gas pedal, it could also show that there are other potential issues like ignition problems or clogged air filters. If your car has stalled more than once, get your system checked before anything worse happens.

Typical reasons of engine difficulties could range anywhere from poor maintenance to excessive overheating. Any sign of unusual behavior with your car is a sign that you should get it looked by a professional – regular inspection is a great way to stay up-to-date with its operational system.

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