Save Money on Expensive Gasoline In Canada

Save Money on Gas in Canada

The recent spike in gas prices all over Canada have been surprising. The price of gasoline in Canada has gradually increased over the last 2-3 years, throughout the year, which has augmented the cost of goods and services in Canada. Canada’s gradual incline of fuel over the last few years has left drivers pay record-high prices at the station.

Other factors contributing to Canada’s high gasoline prices are what’s happening both across our borders and between our provinces. Political tensions, natural disasters and oil production collapses all over the world have made the demand for gasoline higher than ever before, and because Canada doesn’t produce and refine much of its own gasoline independently, we are to pay more for our share.

British Columbia’s refusal to implement Alberta’s Kinder Morgan Pipeline, something that would take Alberta’s energy products through B.C. and to the west coast for export, has been hot national topic. British Columbia’s decision to block the pipeline could result in gasoline price hikes and fuel shortages.

Our three tips below on how to save money on gasoline will help you relieve your stress and pocket.

Are there any loyalty programs for gas companies?

If you buy gas frequently only from one company or from a specific location, a rewards program might be your new best friend. Almost every gasoline company has money saving opportunities, allowing Canadians to save when filling up a tank or buying from the location’s convenience store. Bonuses like cash back or discounts at your local gas station are easy to participate in. Some gas stations also offer free coffee, CAA dollars, grocery store discount coupons, and individual pointing systems with cash back goodies. With gas prices rising, prepare to save money by participating in a rewards program at your local gas station.

How can I compare gas prices in my area?

Many places in Canada have gas prices that are regulated, however it is a good idea to compare the prices in your community. Gas is set with a maximum price, but sometimes there’s a major cost difference between stations. Whether it’s a few pennies or big bills, websites like GasBuddy will automatically search the station near you with the lowest prices available. If you live in a metropolitan city and can’t find reasonable gas prices, drive a small distance outside of the city to find gas that’s a few less cents per litre. Moreover, you should pay attention to fuel markups. Different octanes mean different prices, hence there is no harm in shopping around a bit for the best price of fuel before you buy!

How can I reduce fuel consumption?

This does not mean that you should park your car in the garage and forget about it but instead drive mindfully to reduce your fuel consumption to help save money and the environment. Refrain from idling in traffic if you can, use cruise control when you’re on the highway to minimize frequent stopping and slowing down and don’t drive too fast! Driving over 100km/hr will reduce fuel efficiency and drink up your tank quickly.

Gas prices are soaring and all you can do is reduce your overall fuel consumption and sign up for a rewards program at your local gas station. You can also get yourself into a gas efficient vehicle that will help you save some bucks on fuel and build your credit at the same time! Visit Canada Auto Experts or call 1-855-550-5565 to learn more!

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