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Guaranteed Secured Visa Card®

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Get the credit you deserve.

Guaranteed Approval.
Establish or repair your credit.
No annual fee and low rate interest.

How to get this No Annual Fee Visa Card and start building credit.

Complete our secured 2-minute no fee credit card application form from your mobile device.

As long as you are a legal age and a Canadian citizen, you will be approved.

Once you received your Visa Card in the mail, you can start building your credit.

Improve your credit.

We report your credit card activity to the credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis. Use your card responsibly to help establish or improve your credit.

Build for the future.

A good credit score gives you more options – it can help you get better interest rates on loans and can increase your chances of getting approved for an apartment rental or mortgage.

Visa Benefits

Make Purchases Anywhere

Make purchases over the phone or online. Planning and booking a vacation with your No Fee Visa Card is as simple as a few clicks.

Access Cash Anytime

With over 1 million ATMs around the world displaying the Visa or Plus logo, accessing your cash advance is very convenient.

Bad Credit or No Credit? No Problem!