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Summer Maintenance

Several Canadians often underestimate the cost of car ownership – like any good relationship, you should toil to make it last. The lifespan of a vehicle can last over a decade, but with proper care, you could keep your car for up to 15 years and research proves that this could save you up to $30,000 or more.

With recent advancements in automotive technology, as well as new and higher quality car products in the market, the reliability and durability of cars have improved, thus prolonging their overall lifespan. Car maintenance is directly related to the longevity of a car, so does driving technique. There are numerous factors that affect how long your car lasts on the road, and the below are three of them:

  1. Car’s Owner Manual
    Every vehicle comes with an owner’s manual, and evading it could add up a ton of money on your routine service bill. The owner’s manual, which consists of your cars maintenance schedule, provides motorists information on when to plan major services like oil and filter changes, tire rotations, belt replacements, etc. Think of the owner’s manual as your car’s bible. If you ignore the conditioning that your car requires, you’ll be at greater risk of having to deal with an expected breakdown on the road.
  2. Go Beyond Cheap
    High quality is available at a certain price, but investing in cheap car parts or products could cost you serious money in the long-run. The wrong mechanicals could pose serious danger to your car and lead to expensive repairs, which could diminish long-term reliability. From the engine oil and transmission fluid to how you’re washing the exterior of your car, if not maintained correctly with low-quality products, you’ll be doing more harm than good, which won’t be good for the overall condition of your car or your pocket.
  3. Drive Smooth
    Your driving techniques have a huge effect on how long your car lasts. Driving your car smoothly means planning your stops to prevent slamming on your breaks. It also means alerting yourself of your surroundings and avoiding potholes, bumps and other mishaps on the road. Driving smoothly will mitigate wear and tear on your vehicle, save fuel, augment the longevity of your car, and most importantly, keep you safe.

Procrastinating repair work on your car could translate in heavy malfunctions, not to mention, an incredibly high service bill. Pay attention to the warning signs of a mechanical problem. If you plan to drive a vehicle for a long time, it’s going to take some hard work and dedication.

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